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Planning a funeral for a loved one is never an easy task. It involves taking care of the arrangements for the burial or cremation, the service, working with the funeral home, and many more little things that can pile up to overwhelm a person. Dividing tasks and jobs and delegating them to a number of people is an easy way to handle all arrangements, one at a time. Planning funeral transportation for the immediate family members, out-of-town guests, the elderly, and the body of the deceased is a crucial part of the process. The process might seem cumbersome due to the variety of transportation options offered.

Hence, we have simplified the process for you and compiled a list of commonly hired funeral transportation that you may want to look into while booking vehicles for a funeral.
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Black sedans are commonly chosen for members of the immediate family for the funeral procession. It is a more cost-effective option as compared to hiring a limousine. Sedans are easier transportation since they have enough room for four people to be seated comfortably.


Black SUVs are another great option for guests’ transportation from an airport or train station to the hotel or directly to the funeral home. If you have out-of-town guests that you want to ensure reach the funeral on time, you should hire a van or SUV for convenience. SUVs are a bit pricier vehicle but will ensure that your guests travel to the funeral comfortably.


Black limousines are a popular vehicle for funeral processions. Not only do they offer ease and convenience with seating for 4-7 people, but a black limousine matches the somberness of the funeral as well. Black limousines are usually hired for the deceased’s immediate family, aging adults in the family, or for out-of-town guests.


Black vans are commonly used to transport mourners from the hotel or airport directly to the funeral home. They are a cost-efficient option that provides comfort and ease of traveling for the guests. Vans are a more suitable option if you want to arrange travel vehicles for a large number of people.

Charter Bus

In case you want to provide transportation to a large number of guests for the funeral, you should consider booking a black charter bus for your guests. A charter bus is the most practical option if you have many out-of-town guests coming to attend the funeral. A charter bus may not be part of a funeral procession but will make timely transportation for your guests much easier.

Wheelchair Specialty Vehicles

If you want to provide ease of traveling to family members or aging adults in wheelchairs, wheelchair minivans may be the best way to make transportation more accessible. Booking a wheelchair-adapted van can ensure your guests are comfortable and can travel safely and on time to the cemetery or burial site.

Contact Fortune Transportation Group for Stress-Free Transportation

Fortune Transportation Group is a rental transportation service in Philadelphia offering a wide variety of vehicles for funeral processions and events. To ensure the funeral goes as smoothly as possible, we provide excellent cars and exceptional chauffeur services to our clients at the most affordable prices. If you require any tailored services or have customized requests for the funeral, our team will get the job done.

If you are still unsure about the pricing and which vehicles you would need to hire for a funeral arrangement, get in touch with our team at 215-209-3719 or leave us a message here with your questions or concerns.

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