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Go on an exciting Easter egg hunt with your family this Easter Sunday

There is nothing better than celebrating a warm Easter Sunday with close family and friends. Easter is a great time to enjoy the sun and spend quality time outdoors with your family. Most people go for celebrating Easter indoors which is a loss, since this joyous event calls for a much more exciting adventure outdoors. You can plan to do an Easter Egg Hunt in your local park, enjoy a delicious meal at your family’s favorite restaurant, or go to church together. Easter is about new beginnings and

To help you decide what kind of outdoor activities you should plan with your family this Easter, we have compiled a list of ideas that your grandparents and even your kids will absolutely love:

Spoil Your Family at their Favorite Restaurant

Easter Sunday is about starting a fresh chapter, and what is a better way to initiate new beginnings than with your loving family. There are a lot of Easter Sunday breakfast and Easter Sunday brunch options in Philadelphia where you can enjoy delicious traditional strawberry shortcake and hot cross buns.

If you are visiting your grandparents or elderly parents, it is best to choose a sedan, SUV, stretch limo to get to restaurants for Easter Sunday lunch or Easter Sunday dinner. It will not only make them excited for the celebration but will also be able to accommodate the whole family.

Take Your Family for an Adventure in Your Local Park

An Easter egg hunt, a cozy picnic in the fresh grass, and birdwatching with your family at your local park can make your Easter celebrations one to remember. You can take all your family members to a local park together in an SUV or Sedan to get memorable Easter pictures with the Easter Bunny (if there is a community event).

Celebrating Easter Sunday in your local park can be a great way for your children to make new friends. They can hunt for chocolate eggs and enjoy a comfortable picnic together with you after the exciting fun.

Attend the Service of Your Local Church with Your Family

Easter is the busiest Sunday for church attendance. If you have a small or big family, no problems will occur if you book a transportation car from Fortune Transportation Group to take your whole family to church. A small family can use executive mini coach bus while a big family can use coach bus to attend early services on Easter Sunday.

You can get the whole family together with your extended uncles and aunts and even your grandparents to celebrate this joyous celebration. The children can be kept occupied by Easter themed coloring pages and bright crayons.

Spend a Wholesome Day with Family this Easter Sunday!

Fortune Transportation Group is a company dedicated to providing excellent rental transportation services in Philadelphia to you this Easter Sunday. Our staff is well-trained to deliver excellent customer service and even accommodate any special requests you might have. Call us today at 215-209-3719 to book a luxurious Sedan, SUV, or a stretch limo for this joyous Easter celebration or message us here with your queries or concerns.

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