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renting a car this holiday season
A Black Cadillac

Renting a luxury car for the first time can be nerve-racking yet exciting. A rental car allows you to travel easily without any restrictions during the holiday season and opens up a world of opportunities for you to explore. Nevertheless, there are some common downsides you must be aware of and avoid.

A car reservation is a low-risk proposition and offers two types of rates: the rates you pay when you pick up the car and the prepaid rates. The first time you book a luxury car, you should go for the Pay Later rate, so there is no cancellation penalty if your plans change.

Things You Should Know Before Renting a Luxury Car for the Holidays
Higher Rates for Younger Drivers

People under the age of 25 are usually charged daily and age-related fees on rentals that are more than the cost of the rental car. It is essential to account for that beforehand and schedule car rental services you can trust.

Credit Card and Driver’s License

You need to show the agent a valid driver’s license and credit card to book a rental card. Although a debit card might work as well, you should avoid it since it may create some hassles.

Rental Car Insurance

Always do your homework on the luxury car rental contract and learn about the responsibility of damage costs. Figure out whether your auto insurance or credit card covers rental cars beforehand.

Best Ways to Book a Luxury Car This Holiday Season
Send a Quote Request and Lock in Services Beforehand

The holiday season can be a busy time. Ensure to get a quote for the services from a representative or by filling out a form from the car rental service. You can also ask to avail any available discounts or offers for first-timers. Always lock in the rate beforehand so you can get a good deal.

Read All Rules and Policies

Before you confirm your booking for the luxury car, read the policies and rules of the rental car company. You can find information about more products/ services, geographic restrictions, prohibited use, insurance details, etc.

Inspect the Vehicle and Respect Pickup and Return Time

After renting a luxury car, you need to carefully inspect the vehicle’s exterior, glass, and interior for any scratches or damages and request the company to record them before leaving. Ensure to pick up and drop off the car at the right time, or the rates might change according to the company’s policy. The car rental company will not keep offices open if you run late and can’t return the car on time.

Contact Fortune Transportation Group

If you want to book a luxury car this holiday season without any hassle, get in touch with Fortune Transportation Group ASAP! We provide luxury car rental services in Montgomery, Bucks, and Philadelphia counties. Contact our representatives today at 215-209-3719 to get a quote or ask for luxury car availability. We can help you plan your trips and make your holidays with loved ones more special. Please leave a message here for special inquiries.

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